DAO 2.0 on ADAM.

Governance taken to new heights.

ADAM is a platform to create, manage and join DAOs with comprehensive governance tools. We redefine the management and governance of DAOs and treasuries, elevating the standards to institution level, eliminating frauds and rug pulls.

Power DAOs to change the world.

No-code DAO creation.

Complex and secure smart contract architecture pre-coded by ADAM.

Welcome, old friends.

Welcome existing DAO treasuries to migrate and enhance the governance with our snapshot integration.

Multi-chain assets, all managed in one Layer2 dApp.

Ethereum, Polygon, Polkadot, Solana, Avalanche. You won't miss the next hit with ADAM.

Extremely natural wallet interface.

DAO wallet seamlessly connect with any dApp platform while blocking all unauthorized transactions. Operate like with your own money.

Secure with
DAO wallet



DAO 2.0










Multiple voting


Efficient and flexible
with blanket approvals

Institutional standard

Risk of

rug pull

Low voting rate

Slow with

weak monitoring

No standard

Decision = Execution.

Ensured by DAO 2.0.

You are not alone!

Web 3.0 empowers the freedom of collective actions. We make DAO accessible for everyone to explore, “What can we do together?”

You are not alone!

Web 3.0 empowers the freedom of collective actions. We make DAO accessible for everyone to explore, “What can we do together?”

ADAM belongs to everyone.


governance token

ADAM tokens reflect the value of the whole ADAM platform. Token holders have the voting power on ADAM Improvement Proposal on ADAM DAO.

Rule a DAO. Securely. Efficiently.

governance rules.

Offering best-in-class DAO member protection like an institution.

Wealth is most
secured in your hands.

DAO members own assets in their own segregated account, not in a commingled pool.

Your community,
your rules.

Choose the appropriate voting system which fits your DAO best, including an equal vote system.

Stop repeating yourself.
Set up blanket approvals.

DAO wallet only allows authorized actions. Rather than voting every time, pre-approving groups of actions (blanket approval).

To be or not to be,
it is your option.

Some decisions are opt-in and affect those DAO members only.

Frequently asked questions

Which chain is ADAM using? 

ADAM is built based on Ethereum Layer 2 ZK-Rollups infrastructure to decrease gas fee drastically. Layer Zero technology is in ADAM’s development roadmap which enables DAOs on ADAM to hold assets on different chains, for example Ethereum L1 mainnet, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, etc.

How much does it cost to create a DAO? 

Creating a DAO on ADAM is currently free. You only need to bear the gas fees associated with running smart contracts.

How to create a DAO on ADAM? 

Creating DAOs on ADAM is limited to our community members right now. If you would like to join the Alpha Testing in early Q2 2022, sign up below!

What is the latest development of ADAM?

Thank you for your interest in ADAM! Please follow our Twitter and Medium for the latest updates, roadmaps, releases and collaborations. Welcome to join our Alpha Testing by signing up below!

I would like to collaborate with ADAM…

Great! You can contact us through 


Build a Trustless Treasury for your DAO

ADAM builds the standard of DAO 2.0 and innovates the DAO governance model.

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